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February newsletter 2014

Annual General Meeting on January 22nd 2014 (full copy on request)There was an excellent attendance. Some changes to the Constitution were agreed to add extra officers. There are now two honorary presidents – Hetty Bechler joins Bob Cottingham, appointed to express our gratitude to all the group’s founder members. It was also agreed that subscriptions should be paid by June.

Officers gave reports: on the website and publicity, the review of meetings and campaigns, social events, membership and current funds. The meeting thanked the officers and committee and agreed that the following should continue in post.

Convenor/Secretary: Janet Shapiro, Membership Secretary: Pamela Jefferys,  Treasurer: Clive Evers.  Social Secretary: Celia Bower, Panel of Chairs: Ann Anderson, Lauritz Hansen-Bay, Yvonne Bonnamy. For the additional posts it was agreed that Ann & Pamela are Distribution coordinators and that Ann is Publicity officer. Delegates to GLR NPC were confirmed to be Janet Shapiro and Sylvia Roberts. Unfortunately we still need a delegate to the GLPA.

Five motions, notified earlier, were proposed. These stimulated discussion and were supported unanimously.

‘Haringey Big Community Energy Switch’ followed the AGM

Joanne Barratt from ‘Living Under One Sun’ helps people with their energy bills. Joanne began by explaining payment types & tariffs, and how unit and standing charges affect what we are charged. The ‘Big Community Energy Switch’ works like an auction. To take part in this mass customer negotiation for an affordable deal with energy companies – or just to get advice – you would need to bring your bill to Joanne at a Library Drop-in. It could also be done online at

Although Joanne does not guarantee your making savings, she has helped many people reduce their bills. Those receiving pension credit or other benefits are entitled to the ‘Warm Homes Discount’ worth £135 per year, but it is mainly the bigger companies operating a ‘Care Plan’ that deliver this efficiently. Joanne narrated various problems that people experience with direct debit schemes; such as being in credit by a large amount or having difficulty cancelling a direct debit.

She had many tips for saving electricity, such vacuuming behind a refrigerator – dust diminishes its efficiency, heating only enough water in a kettle, using slow cookers, wearing warm clothes, making sure one ate hot food, and the usual tips about insulation, many of which are in our booklet ‘Scrimp & Save’ that has been handed out to HPAG members.

We have her Power point presentation that can be referenced.

The Haringey Big Community Switch Library Drop Ins are:

  • Marcus Garvey Wednesday                   9am-12pm
  • Coombes Croft Wednesday                   2pm-4pm
  • Wood Green Thursday                            9am-12pm
  • Hornsey  Friday                                        9am-11am* Joanne’s session

Joanne stayed to answer questions and help with the raffle.


The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has negotiated with many organisations – hospitals, local authorities etc. to sign up to the Dignity Code. We have copies of the Dignity Code or see  It is important that older people are treated with respect in all situations, particularly when being cared for.

During the last week of January Hornsey Pensioners Action Group members joined with Islington Forum for Older People manning a stall at Whittington Hospital where many passers by signed up in support.

On February 1stDignity Action Day, we organised a meeting at Hornsey Library.  A big thank-you to the speakers who gave up their time. These were Councillor Bernice Vanier – Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Services, Haringey Council, Mike Wilson – Director Healthwatch Haringey, and Judy Downey – The Relatives and Residents Association. Saskia Schreuder of Haringey Forum for Older People (HFOP) also attended but Pam Moffatt was unfortunately not well. While we should have wanted a bigger attendance, there was a very useful discussion on problems with implementing the code.

This was a good practice run for October 1st, United Nations Day of Older People, when our concerns could be publicised locally. Let us know of any ideas for activities.


Our membership secretary reminds you that 2014 subscriptions are due. Cheques should be made out to Hornsey Pensioners’ Action Group. Please post to Mrs Pamela Jefferys,  Flat 38, Bishops View   Court, 24a Church Crescent, N10 3NQ, or pay at the next meeting.


Look out for the article written by Pamela due to be published in the Ham & High on 20th February.  Members please buy your copy!

Social Lunches at Jacksons   Lane are held on last Thursday of each month from 11.45am-2.30pm at Jacksons Lane.  There is often entertainment.

Note: Wheelchair spaces must be booked in advance and discussed with Stuart over the phone. Due to space they can only accommodate 3 wheelchair spaces. For information about the next lunch Email Stuart at or call 020 8347 2411.

Assisted travel

If you’ve got mobility impairments and have trouble using public transport, you might be able to use subsidised taxi and minicab travel in London. The two schemes are called Taxicard and Capital Call, the latter for longer journeys up to 11miles. Tfl consults on whether the latter should be closed from April 2015.   See  Closing date for comments is Friday 11 April 2014.

Review of 2013 meetings & campaigns

Date Meeting Speakers Venue and number attending
Jan 23rd AGM Talk on Fire Safety Snow was bad and Fire Fighter could not come Hilldene Court, 18
Feb 20th The Elderly in Hard Times Maggie Pether Haringey AgeUK & David Clements   Coordinator, Neighbourhood Connect Haringey Council YMCA Hornsey, 34 & cllr.
Mar.20th Do you agree with land sell-off at Whittington Hospital? Robert Aitken – Deputy Chairman, Whittington   Health & Jan Pollock – Defend Whittington    Hospital Coalition YMCA Hornsey, 18 & cllr
April 17th Antibiotics: Do we know enough about them? Kapil Sadawana, pharmacist.Also Firefighters Mark Jordan & team on   Fire Safety Marian Centre, 22
April 24th Trip to Trent Park    
April 19th Picket at East Finchley Crown Post Office Members supported PO staff  
May 15th How Confused are we about Mental Illness? Gillian Payne SANE & Jo Cahill,   Alzheimer’s Society Haringey Marian Centre, 23 & cllr.
May 18th Defend London’s   NHS march Members attended
June 19th -20th National Pensioners Convention 2013 Pensioner Parliament Delegates Clive and Audrey Evers, Janet Shapiro GLR NPC delegate  
June 19th Outing to Geffrye    Museum    
July 17th Let’s Talk about Bereavement Hans Meijer, Humanist Integrative Counsellor   & Pschotherapist Marian Centre, 21
Sept 8th Muswell Hill Festival Cherry Tree Woods, HPAG had a stall  
Sept18th Are you prepared for when you need care? Paul Hatchment, Haringey’s Interim Team   Manager for Neighbourhoods and Older People    & Marcella Gibbi from Financial Assessment Team Marian Centre, 29
Oct 16th The History of Alexandra Palace Stuart Little, who showed excerpts from his   DVD Marian Centre, 26 & cllr.
Nov 20th “Scrimp & Save”, Come with your ideas! Members worked in teams. Their work has been   collated in a booklet. Marian Centre, 22
Nov 27th NPC Lobby of Parliament Members reported on the rally in newsletter  
Dec 11th Social Members provided the entertainment of   readings, songs and poems. Father Bruce attended Marian Centre, 23

Ham& High articles; Jan 24th – Clive, March 7th – Clive, April 18th – Janet, May 30th – Janet, August 22nd – Ann, October 3rd – Janet, Recent – Lauritz, January 9th 2014 – Clive

Constitution of the Muswell Hill and Highgate Pensioners’ Action Group



1.              NAME

The name of the Association shall be the ‘Muswell Hill and Highgate Pensioners’ Action Group’

2.              AIMS

The aim of the Association is to improve the position of pensioners locally and Nationally by taking action on local and National issues affecting pensioners.

3.              MEMBERSHIP

Membership is open to all pensioners living in Haringey, plus adjoining boroughs where there is no action group and to other residents wishing to support and serve the aims of the group.  There shall be a membership fee fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

4.              MEETINGS

Meetings of the Association shall be once a month.  There shall be an Annual General Meeting and the Committee is empowered to call additional meetings as required.

5.              OFFICERS & COMMITTEE

All officers and committee members are honorary (unpaid). The committee shall consist of Honorary President, Honorary Chair, Convenor/Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary and a panel of Meeting Chairs.  The Committee shall meet once a month.  Each member of the Committee shall have one vote except for the chairperson who will have a casting vote in the case of the voting being equal.  The Committee is empowered to appoint additional members as it sees fit. Committee meetings are open to all members to attend.

6.              FINANCE

Books will be audited in time for each AGM which appoints four trustees all of whom is eligible to sign cheques; two signatures required on each cheque.  Any expenditure must be authorised by Committee in emergencies and at the full meeting otherwise.

7.              DISSOLUTION

If the group by a simple majority decide that on grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary to dissolve the Association it shall call a Special General Meeting  – at which a simple majority will be sufficient to pass the resolution.  Any assets left over after payment of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to members of the group but shall be given or transferred to some other association or group having objectives for the benefit of old-age pensioners in the area and which prohibits the distribution of its or their income among its or their members.


Amendments to the Constitution can only be made at the Annual General Meeting.  One month’s notice must be given to the Secretary of proposed amendments.