About us

The Hornsey Pensioners Action Group has been established in this area for more than twenty five years formerly as the Highgate and Muswell Hill  Pensioners Action Group. We are a non-party political organisation affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention and the Greater London Pensioners Association. We campaign for the Pensioners’ Charter.( See below)

Our members are ‘young at heart’ and certainly not ‘old fogies’.  We welcome any over 50s at meetings. If you chose to join, our subscription is very reasonable as we send out a notice with news for each meeting.

Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. except for August, from 1.30pm in Hornsey Parish main Church Hall, Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH

Towards a Pensioners’ Charter

Every man and woman on reaching state pensionable age will have the right to:

  • a basic state pension set above the official poverty level (£171 per week) and linked to average earnings.
  • a warm and comfortable home
  • free health care treatment based on clinical need and an annual comprehensive health check.
  • free community care and services to assist living at home.
  • free long term care.
  • free nationwide travel on all public and local transport.
  • free education, access to participation in leisure and cultural activities.
  • goods, services and benefits without age discrimination.
  • active engagement and consultation on national and local issues affecting older people.
  • advocacy, dignity, respect and fair treatment in all aspects of their lives.

As a first step towards establishing these rights we call on the government to implement the Pensioners’ Manifesto.

The group began as Muswell Hill Pensioners Action Group, then as Muswell Hill & Highgate Pensioners Action Group. You can read about our history and the marvellous campaigners that made us strong in the publication ‘Looking Forward’ Download

This was produced in December 2016 shortly after the deaths of Hetty Bechler and Esther Singer.

The group was affiliated to the Greater London Pensioners Association (GLPA), and collaborated closely with the GLPA when Bob Cottingham was the chair.

Bob Cottingham is now honorary president of Hornsey Pensioners Action Group. Betty Cottingham became the editor of ‘The Pensioner’, the regular newsletter of the GLPA.

Hornsey Pensioners Action Group (HPAG) is affiliated to the Greater London National Pensioners Convention (GLR NPC). HPAG takes up NPC campaigns and regularly sends delegates to the annual NPC Pensioners Parliament.

Janet Shapiro is on the executive committee of GLR NPC and was until March 2017 the treasurer.