Avoiding waste

  • imagesRecycle and encourage others to as this helps to keep the Council tax down.
  • Do we need window cleaners when we have the rain?
  • Use cheaper alternatives than expensive cleaning products:
    • Clean glasses and jewellery using hot water and a steradent tablet;
    • Clean inside windows with warm water and vinegar and then polish with newspaper.
  • Only use a pea size blob of foot cream as the skin cannot absorb more.
  • Do not use your mobile telephone when you can use your landline free.
  • Avoid dry cleaning or laundrette bills by:
    • Buying coats that are washable.
    • Using 2 lighter duvets that you can wash rather than one heavy one that you cannot.
  • Take home serviettes/salt/sugar packets where ever given out free.
  • No need to downsize your home. Rent out your spare room to someone who hopefully goes home at weekends.
  • Never throw food away unless really mouldy. Make breadcrumbs and bread and butter pudding from stale bread; curries and soups from old vegetables using the stalks too.
  • Scrape not peel or chop when preparing vegetables.

– Ideas generated from the Hornsey Pensioners Action Group meeting November 2013