• Use machines at night if you have an economy system white electricity meter with night storage heaters. Run your machines in the economy time.
  • Turn off all connection lights and stand by switches when not in use.
  • Measure water for the kettle and get a small kettle for individual use. Keep extra water in a thermos for your next cup of tea.
  • Use the correct wattage in light bulbs for what you need in that space. Use long life bulbs. The new LED are cheaper to run and brighter but at the moment costly to buy.
  • One light only per room is needed. Turn it off if not needed. But take care not to trip in darkened rooms.
  • Get rid of the tumble dryer. You have the house heating or sunshine and wind already available.

Check out cheaper power providers than the Big 6. Often little is saved switching between them except having dual provision from one company. See alternatives-e.g. Co-operative Energy and the Haringey Big Switch (NB Hornsey Pensioners Action group meeting on January 22nd.)

Other ideas from Age UK free pamphlets (Age UK Haringey 02088012444 or find in the library): Winter wrapped up; More money in your pocket; save energy, pay less. Age UK Life magazine. Join Love Food Hate Waste.

– Ideas generated from the Hornsey Pensioners Action Group meeting November 2013