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Activities July & August 2022

“Alexandra Palace – Home to 17,000 Germans during the First World War”  Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Taylor, Anglo-German Family History Society,

The well attended meeting on July 20th is reported in the August newsletter.

Pensioner poverty and Digital Exclusion are highlighted in NPC Campaign Bulletin 171.

Hornsey Pensioners’ Column will be printed in the Ham & High on August 11th.

A response was sent to Transport for London on the Bus Review.

Do respond to the review on Haringey Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022

There is no public meeting in August but members have an outing on August 17th.

Meeting June 15th


Poppy Pickard

Fairtrader for Traidcraft for over 30 years

(Poppy will bring some stock to sell!)

WEDNESDAY  June 15th 2022 at 1.30pm start

Hornsey Parish Church Hall, Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH

Entrance on Cranley Gardens through car park.  Doors open from 1pm

Those attending may use the car park. Buses W7, W3 and 144 stop nearby.

Ham & High Column on May 19th

The June newsletter contains a report on the May 18th meeting.

Visit Bectu: challenging attacks on the BBC | Bectu where a petition will be found to support the BBC.

Other documents can be found here(NUJ), from Patrick Barwise, MP Catherine West’s reply, Cooperative Party statement, and BECTU statement.

Summary notes were handed out on May 18th.

Meeting May 18th 2022

The War Against the BBC

Patrick Barwise

Emeritus Professor at London Business School

co-author of the ‘The War Against the BBC’ (Penguin Books 2020)

Wednesday May 18th – 1.30pm start

Hornsey Parish Church Hall, Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH

Doors open from 1pm. New members welcome!

Entrance on Cranley Gardens through car park.

Note those attending can use the car park and buses W7, W3 and 144 stop nearby .

Find the May newsletter here. It is packed with advice, information and stories by our volunteers! HPAG column is due to be printed on May 19th in Ham & High Broadway.

The statement below by Tony O’Sullivan and John Puntis, Co-Chairs of Keep Our NHS Public, can be found with more information on the KONP website

The Health and Care Bill is now on its way to getting Royal Assent as all objections and opposition has been brushed aside.  The Government has got its way and will divide the NHS into over 40 separate units/Integrated Care Systems (ICS) acting virtually autonomously.

Many books have warned us of the ‘Attack on the NHS’. Some can be found here.

April 20th 2022 Meeting

Defending the natural world from destruction- everyone can make a difference.

Athen Ayren – Greenpeace volunteer

Wednesday April 20th at 1.30pm

Hornsey Parish Church Hall, Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH

Entrance on Cranley Gardens through car park. Doors open from 1pm.

Find the April Bulletin here.

Our column was published in the Ham & High Broadway on April 7th. On the same day a member had a letter published.

Council Elections on May 5th. Remember to vote!

Meet candidates in local wards at the April meeting. See their invite .

Vote at March 16th meeting

This meeting of the Hornsey Pensioners Action Group demands that the Health and Care Bill be scrapped as it destroys the NHS as set up over 73 years ago.

A letter has been sent to Catherine West MP. Find copy here

Find more detailed information from KONP here. This explains why the Bill is bad news.

Please send similar letters to your MP urgently. The Bill returns to Parliament from the House of Lords on Wednesday March 30th.

Publications in Ham & High Broadway.

The March column questioned relaxation of Covid rules and charging for Covid self-testing. Word version here.