January Newsletter 2015

December 10th 2014 Hornsey Pensioners Action GRoup Party

 party 2014 1 (2)

Thank-you to Ann Beech who gave us a reading and a song.

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Thank-you to Barbara for our lunch

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Thank-you to Gideon Bull  for his Karaoke sing along.

party 2014 1





It was a good occasion to relax sing and dance!

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Happy New Year!

Hornsey Pensioners Action Group 2015
Annual General Meeting

2pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

As usual, arrive any time after 1.30pm for a prompt start at 2pm at the Marian Centre, Hornsey Parish Church Hall, Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH
Entrance behind W7 bus stop on Park Road Buses W3 144 W7 stop nearby – W5 a short distance away.

At the A.G.M we shall need your help to assess our activities during 2014 and prepare for major challenges facing us in 2015. We shall invite a speaker to help inform our discussions on how we should respond to the many severe cuts in local services.


1. Welcome, Introduction & Apologies
2. Minutes of last A.G.M on January 22nd 2014
3. Reports from Officers: Meetings, Finance, Membership & Distribution, Social events, Publicity, Campaigns.
4. Election of Officers & committee.

Existing officers:

Honorary Presidents: Bob Cottingham & Hetty Bechler
Convenor/Secretary: Janet Shapiro,
Membership Secretary: Pamela Jefferys,
Distribution coordinators: Ann Anderson & Pamela Jefferys
Treasurer: Clive Evers.
Publicity Officer: Ann Anderson
Social Secretary: Celia Bower
Refreshments coordinator: Barbara Ryan
Panel of Chairs: Ann Anderson, Lauritz Hansen-Bay, Yvonne Bonnamy.
Committee: Ann, Janet, Pamela, Yvonne, Clive, Lauritz, Celia, Sylvia, Barbara.
Delegates Greater London Region National Pensioners Convention: Janet Shapiro, Sylvia Roberts.
Nominations to GLR NPC: Executive Committee:  Janet Shapiro
Delegate to Greater London Pensioners Association: vacant
Resolutions: likely to include – provision of home meals, closures of homes & drop-in centres, home care services, library services etc. Members may submit for discussion.
Notices & AOB Speaker to be announced.

Please come forward if you would like to become more involved. We need more new recruits to the committee.

Note annual subscriptions are due – donations welcome!

‘Muswell Hill Caring Connections Friendship Group’ for those living with long term health conditions on Monday afternoons 2 – 4pm Garden Room North Bank, 28 Pages Lane.  ‘Hornsey Vale Caring Connections’ -Thursday afternoons 2-4pm, Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road N8 9LP. For either contact Kathy Wiltshire [email protected] or 8885 8353
Senior Citizen Coffee Morning’, ground floor Muswell Hill Library on the last Friday of each month
‘Senior Citizen Coffee Morning’ also every Thursday morning at 10.30 a.m. in Alexandra Park Library
Jackson’s Lane Coffee & Computers, (also on a Friday morning) enquire Stuart Cox Participation Manager, 269a Archway Road, London, N6 5AA, Tel 020 8347 2411