Keeping down your heating bills 

images-21. Insulate your home:

  • Draw your thermal lined curtains early
  • Draught-proof your windows and add curtains across draughty doors, use draught excluders at bottom of your doors.
  • Buy cheap plastic sheeting to secondary glaze your windows.
  • Build inner doors if you do not already have a porch.

2. Reduce your use-all elderly

  • Switch off radiators in rooms not used but always warm your living and bedrooms.
  • Get room thermometers from Age UK (or Hornsey Pensioners soon)
  • Keep your doors closed.
  • Use the cat or a water bottle to keep warmer when sitting.
  • There is no shame in wearing long cotton vests or thermal underwear. Use fingerless gloves, thick socks and even hats in the house.

Reduce your use

(for active elderly only. For the frail or elderly use these suggestions with caution)

  • Go out of the house as much as possible-shopping for bargains, use the heat of public buildings or others’ homes e.g. the library; become a volunteer; join Age UK activity groups and the Hornsey Pensioners Action group; a ½ hour walk every day will be warming.
  • Do not have the heating on when you are out of the house. Keep your coat on until it warms up.
  • Have heating timed to come on at set times. Do your exercises/ home dancing before the heating comes on. Plan your activities in the house so domestic chores especially cooking are done when the heating is off.
  • Use an open fire with wood picked up from local parks and old toilet rolls and egg boxes.

– Ideas generated from the Hornsey Pensioners Action Group meeting November 2013