Newsletter for December 15


Our able compere, Gideon Bull
brings us music!
Enjoy the lunch
Sing along and enjoy party pieces
performed by members

Time and date: WEDNESDAY 12.30 pm December 9th
Venue: Hornsey Parish Church Hall,
Cranley Gardens, N10 3AH

Entrance on Cranley Gardens through car park.
Buses W7 W3 144 W5 stop nearby
Lunch served from 12.30pm, hall open from 12.15pm

Next meetings:

Jan. 20th interactive workshop ’Dispel the Blues’, Feb. 17th AGM and meals for the housebound. March 16th ‘What can the London Mayor do for us?’

Contacts: Ann Anderson 020 8340 8335, Pamela Jefferys 020 8444 0732 & Janet Shapiro 020 8883 9571 [email protected]

Report of Meeting on November 18th
Access to transport: the road ahead.
Liana Etkind, Campaigns & Outreach Coordinator

Lianna explained that the charity Transport for All (TfA) has been championing the cause of accessible transport in the capital London for over two decades.

It started campaigning in support of Dial-A-Ride and Taxicard users as (DaRT)

It has a website and a helpline 020 7 737 23339 from which you can get advice on making a journey or help to make a complaint.

Lianna works with groups organising demonstrations to highlight where disabled and the less mobile are treated unfairly on transport. At one demo those in wheel-chairs got traffic to a standstill.

Oakwood Station had lifts that could not be used because of staff shortages. The wheel-chair users came out in force telling others that they would be entitled to claim the taxi fare needed to get to a station that did have lift access.

Joanne MacCartney joined this demo. image008 image007 image005Many campaigns have won concessions, such as the step-free access at all Cross-Rail stations. But the disabled still suffer discrimination. Assistance is on a turn up and ask basis at underground stations, but on railways this has to be booked ahead.

Many problems were raised as to access to buses, due to overcrowding, space restrictions for wheelchairs and buggies. Traffic congestion adds to the problems causing many wheel-chair users to give up and stay at home.

Lianna had also told us about a joint protest on Thursday 26th November.

[We notice that on that day taxi-cab drivers were protesting. It evident that the public are not being properly protected against illegal touts.]

Lianna was thanked. Her talk was really appreciated.

Lianna can keep you informed of the activities of Transport for All. Ask to be on her email list

 National Pensioners Convention (NPC) lobby of Parliament on Nov. 4th.
Catherine West, MP for Hornsey & Wood Green kindly agreed to meet us.

IMG_0108Attending were Ann Anderson, Barbara Ryan, Janet Shapiro & Gordon Peters. (Clive Evers & Audrey Evers stayed in Committee Room 14 in order to report back on speeches)
There was an important debate that day on ‘Draft Investigatory Powers’ but Catherine came as soon as she could and met with four of us outside Committee Room 14. Catherine was given a pack of information concerning the activities of HPAG.

The following issues were raised:

  • Whether Catherine would be willing to ask a question in the commons as to why NPC requests for engagement were turned down by front bench ministers. Baroness Ros Altman & Alistair Burt MP declined to speak at the rally. Shadow minister Nick Thomas Symonds was speaking on pensions.
  • The poor prospects for those retiring in April 2016 as revealed in the NPC booklet ‘For What its Worth’.
  • Many older pensioners still left in poverty as the UK state pension is nearly the worst in OECD countries.
  • Social Care crisis: Clive is a member of the Health & Social Care NPC Working Party and Gordon Peters spoke from his experience as chair of Haringey Health & Well being Board.
  • Exclusion of older people through extensive use of broadband communication. An example was the poorly advertised changes at Wood Green Library.
  • Catherine also informed us of the Consumer Advice Bureau (CAB) quality review. We should hear more about this.
  • Catherine was able to explain why a clinic was closed suddenly at Hornsey Community Healthcare, Park Road. (also reported in Ham & High)
  • High cost of housing, so that public service workers are unable to live near their work in London.

We thanked Catherine for granting us time, listening and sharing information.

We were all able to join the rally after our time with Catherine.

The speakers at the rally were Nick Thomas Symonds (shadow pension minister), Neel Radia (National Association of Care Catering), Rebecca Winson (GMB young member) could not attend, Kelvin Hopkins, and PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka.

Protest at closures Civic Centre Tuesday 10th

HPAG had already made a formal response to the consultation on Adult Social Care Services. In addition HPAG sent a letter to the cabinet of the Haringey Council before November 10th asking that the proposed cuts were delayed.

A number of members of Hornsey Pensioners came – but not many were in time for the photo reproduced from the Ham & High Broadway.

Council closuresSee Gordon Peters and Janet Shapiro in the insert. Gordon is chair of the Older People’s Reference Group; he made a verbal presentation to the councillors at the Civic Centre. (summary on next page)

This was also signed by HPAG members Pamela Moffatt & Lourdes Keever.
Patrick Morreau of Haringey Forum for Older People was a signatory. Patrick was one of those responsible for our Dementia Clinic at Hornsey Central.

Summary of demands in the Deputation statement to the
Cabinet of Haringey Council, 10th Nov.
Gordon Peters – OPRG, Pamela Moffatt – HFOP, Patrick Morreau – Haynes Trustee, Lourdes Keever –SCAH]

  • Not to close The Haven day centre and not to merge the Grange with the Haynes centre.
  • At very least to postpone these and other closures until needs of users and carers are fully assessed, acceptable alternative care and activity plans are secured for users, and numbers and costing provided.
  • A jointly negotiated process with representatives of carers and users, whether at Osborne Grove, or The Haven, or the two centres for people with dementia.
  • While fully aware of the weight of the Government’s attack on welfare and social care spending putting frail older people at risk does not make Haringey stronger.
  • Reluctance to draw on reserves is not accepted nor refusal to consider other funding possibilities.
  • There is a strong case for Haringey being designated Inner London status which could be pursued again more vigorously on the basis of both deprivation and serious consequences of denying adequate care.
  • Note the deteriorating home care, with poorly paid staff. Social Care is in crisis. Haringey should sign up to the Unison Ethical Care Charter

Cllr Peter Morton has replied to the HPAG appeal to cabinet.

He pointed out that the reserves would be needed to cover future cuts in funding.

Mayor of London—Election May 2016 What do you want in our Mayoral Manifesto? Ideas wanted.

Peoples’s Post campaign sets out to defend the universal postal service and employment standards, under threat from privatisation. What should we do?

Keep me posted Campaign defends our choice on how we are contacted by banks and utility companies, with paper copies if wanted.

WOOD GREEN SENIORS CLUB opposite Wood Green Station.
Upcoming Film: 30/11/2015 Hot Pursuit

Social Lunches are held monthly at Jacksons Lane on last Thursday of each month from 11.45am-2.30pm. The last on was on Oct. 29th.
Book in advance. Wheelchair spaces must be booked in advance and discussed with Stuart over the phone. Due to space we can only accommodate 3 wheelchair spaces.
Email [email protected] or call 020 8347 2411 Stuart Cox Participation Manager 269a Archway Road, London, N6 5AA

Exercise Classes
1.Fitness & Fun for Ladies over 60, Tuesday 10.30—11.30, £4.00
Tetherdown Church Hall, Tetherdown N10 1ND

2. West Haringey Seniors Exercise Class (mixed) Tuesday 2.15—3.15 £3.50
Hornsey vale Community Centre, Mayfield road N8 9LP led by Jeff Hurrell Expert trainer in older people’s exercise.

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