NPC Pensioners Parliament 11th – 13th June 2019

Can you sponsor someone to attend the Pensioners Parliament?

Do you want to go?

Hornsey Pensioners Action group discuss important issues for the retired throughout the year, but why not attend the biggest annual gathering of pensioners from across the whole of the UK. You meet pensioners from other groups, enjoy excellent debates in which everyone’s contributions are welcomed.

Those attending can have free travel on the Blackpool trams. The programme at the magnificent Winter Gardens includes social events. The Wednesday night event is in the Empress Ballroom.

Blackpool is a seaside resort with affordable accommodation. We can advise on where to stay. But you may need financial help to attend. If you are interested do come forward.  We usually provide support for two delegates, but more could go. You could travel independently or there may be places on a coach organised by Tottenham PAG and Islington Pensioners Forum.